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By wearing these PROLOTEX™ FIR Gloves

What happens when you wear a pair of PROLOTEX™ Far Infrared (FIR) Gloves:


  • Microcirculation is Stimulated

  • Thermo Warmth is Generated

  • Inflammation is Reduced

  • Toxins Are Released

  • Pain is Eased

  • Healing Process is Accelerated

  • Your Wrists are Strengthened

Dear Folks, About 6 mos. ago I was having pain in both hands which folks would not believe. I ordered a pair of your gloves, which allowed me to sleep nights until I could get to an M.D. , who found severe carpal tunnel. Since I have had surgery on both wrists correcting the problem. Believe me I was only able to exist by using those gloves. Thank You John j. D.


Carpal Tunnel Gloves

Carpal Tunnel Gloves



Carpal Tunnel Far Infrared Gloves

Special Price: $59.95 / pair

"I bought the Therapy Gloves as I have Carpal Tunnel and did not wont surgery or injections (I'm such a coward) Well they are perfect they have almost made my pain go away so much so that I could not find them the other night so I tried to sleep without the gloves what a mistake that was I awoke in the middle of the night in such pain I was crying, so now I am buying a second pair so if I do mislay them I have a back up pair on standby as I never wont to be with out them again. Thank you so much. Best Wishes Sue L. Fareham England UK"

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What I like about Prolotex Gloves

I order the gloves on 12/1/ 2010, here it is 12/31/2010. I recived my gloes on 12/10/2010, and guess what, I no longer suffer with numbness in my fingers. I can continue working in the kitchen at my job, which requires repetitive use of a parin knife. That's how I got Carpal Tunnel Pain. Now 20 days later, really 15 days of wearing them to work and at bedtime, I suffer no-more symptoms. I'm back using my computer here at home, I could hardly use stand to touch anything that was metal or electric, cellphone, mouse etc. I was concerned that my situation was gonna be part of the rest of my life. Thank God for the Internet, where I searched symptoms, caused I had never heard of CTS before then. I've shared my experience with the gloves with co-workers and they have no clue how repetively working with knives can cause so much pain and agrravation to one's life.

P.S. Thanks for the gloves, I believe they saved me my job, cause I felt I was on my way to claim disability or Unemployment. GOD BLESS PROLOTEX!!
Phyllis T. Florida


I just would like to tell you that when I ordered the gloves for my husband on 4/15/2010, He has noticed a difference. He had put the gloves to a test. He wore them one night & he did not wake. He did not wear them the next night & his hands woke him. For now the gloves are working for him. There is going to be a day when he is going to have surgery on one of his hands. The gloves do work & I gave the brochure to my girlfriend for her husband. Thank this company for making a product that will relieve some of the Carpal Tunnel Symptoms. Vicki C.



More than two months ago, my right wrist/hand started aching from repetitive and heavy-duty work. At first I thought nothing much of it as I was so sure it would eventually go away since I have never had pain in either of my hands lasting this long. Then my left wrist/hand started aching too. My husband said it could be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but I wasn't so sure. The pain would just not go away despite applying pain creams, taking pain pills, wearing all kinds of wrist bands and support that promises relieve and pain. None worked!

Then, I came across Prolotex Gloves on the website. I was skeptical at the beginning because it just looks like any other normal black gloves, but I decided to give it a try anyway. When I received the gloves in the mail, I was more skeptical because it does look like any other normal gloves you find in any departmental stores. I tried it on immediately and by the evening of the same day, I did not even feel any dull pain on both wrists/hand. I have been wearing the gloves for 3 days now and I can feel my wrists/hands getting better and I don't feel that dull achy pain anymore.

It is made of a very comfortable material and does not make your hands sweaty. The only time I take them off is when I have to wet my hands.

I would strongly recommend this product to those who are suffering from wrist pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Please do not judge the product by its looks but by what it is made of.

Thank you Far Infrared Health for bringing this most wonderful product to us!

It would be awesome though if the company could come up with more colors. Like natural or beige?  {soon!}

Sow-Lin S. Texas


Far Infrared Carpal Tunnel Gloves

Only $59.95 / pair

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